I am having a delightful time staying in the beautiful state of Maine, where the deck of the house looks right out on a lake with an amazing view.

I’ve been writing about my experiences while I’m here and these stories appear in various locations around the web, so I though it would be nice to gather them all together for you.

Wildlife Gardeners can Make a Difference Outside the Garden Gate, inspired by seeing so much plastic trash floating in the ocean, I began to wonder how wildlife gardeners could make an even bigger difference by getting involved in community and regional conservation and environmental organizations.

Sometimes Mother Nature Has Different Plans, in which I have quite an adventure on a whale watching excursion, but not at all the kind of adventure I expected. It is my nature, though, to be an optimist. There sure are some beautiful lighthouses off the coast of Maine, though.

Pelagic Birding in Maine, in which I tell you how I was hoping that whale watching trip would have gone. But I did get to see lots of Terns, a small flock of Puffins, Gannets, Gulls, Eider, and Cormorants.

Birding in Maine, in which I show you some amazing birds I had seen in Maine the last time I was there, and was the basis for my high hopes this time around.

Tomorrow I’m going to visit the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens where native plants and plant communities are a primary focus. I’m eager to see what they’re doing there. I know conservation and education are a big part of their mission. Stay tuned because I’m sure I’ll have lots to write about from that adventure, too.

While at the botanic garden, I got to witness an epic battle between a Cormorant and an eel. Can you guess who won?

I’ve had quite an adventure this week. How about you?

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