A guest post by author Michael Nolan:

We humans are a self important lot. We choose and toss away celebrities and fads like the chocolates in a box whose fillings we don’t like. Sadly the same mindset follows us into our gardens.

We carve ourselves a home smack dab in the midst of an existing community and because that community doesn’t speak our language we think nothing of rendering them homeless and hungry in the process. No, I’m not making a political statement about the displaced native Americans whose homes we ripped away from them, I am aiming much deeper than even that.

The weeds that plague our collective suburban existence are actually food and shelter for the true natives of our lands. The birds, rabbits, insects and squirrels all require the same basic things that we do – something to eat and a place to lay our heads. Why are we so self-involved as to think that we can not only take away their natural habitats but also trap, block and even poison them into submission when they try to meet their simple needs in our carefully manicured gardens?

The next time you rip out a few more trees in the name of a bigger garden plot, perhaps you might pause long enough to look beyond yourself and your own needs. You may just find that you can live with what you’ve already got. And so can they.

Michael Nolan, The Garden Rockstar is an author, blogger and speaker on gardening, sustainability, food ethics and homesteading. He is currently in the process of writing a new guest post on a different site for each day in May. To follow his progress, visit MyEarthGarden.com.

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