I recently had the extreme pleasure of taking my two favorite nature girls, Libby and Penny, to our local nature center for a fun-filled day of nature activities.

The day was bitterly cold, but Libby and Penny were eager for our big adventure. Libby has been fascinated by nature since she was quite young. In fact she is so curious and eager to learn that I gave her my entire set of Golden Guides, which she reads every night as her bed-time story.

Their father is a stay at home Dad (Mommy is a pediatrician) who has made outdoor and nature activities a priority. They go to the zoo, the local Arboretum, parks, fishing, and so much more. He’s amazing to watch as he finds new adventures to share with them every day.
This day we were headed to the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education in northwest Philadelphia for Winterfest, a full day of both indoor and outdoor activities to share the wonder of nature with kids and adults too.

This day was bitterly cold, so Libby and Penny decided that they wanted to stay inside and make stuff, and explore the exhibits.
You can see in the photo above that Libby’s wingspan is as big as a Red-Tailed Hawk, while Penny’s wingspan is slightly larger than a Sharp-Shinned Hawk. I think she’s as big as a Cooper’s Hawk. Libby says she’s growing so fast that soon she’ll be as big as the Turkey Vulture!

It was so much fun to watch them make snowflake Christmas cards from nature-themed calendar pages. Their guide for this activity shared her knowledge of the birds that each of them had chosen to make their snowflakes from.

So even though it might be cold outside, there’s always something fun happening at your local nature center!

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