A wise person once said “There’s no bad weather, just the wrong clothes.” And this is so true when it comes to sharing the joy of nature with kids in winter.

Getting kids outside is very important all year round, but it can be kind of a challenge in winter. Still, there are many ways to share the wonder of the natural world, even in winter.

There are many fun and educational activities that kids can do in the winter to connect with nature and wildlife gardening:

Bird watching: Encourage kids to observe and identify different bird species in their backyard or a nearby park. You can set up bird feeders and bird baths to attract birds to your area.

Winter tree identification: Teach kids how to identify trees in the winter by their bark, branches, and any remaining leaves.

Snow tracking: Have kids look for animal tracks in the snow and try to identify what type of animal made each track.

Seed starting: Start seeds indoors for spring planting. Kids can learn about seed germination, plant care, and the lifecycle of plants.

Nature journaling: Encourage kids to create a journal to document their observations of nature and wildlife. They can include drawings, sketches, and notes.

Building birdhouses: Help kids build birdhouses to provide a habitat for birds during the winter. They can learn about bird behavior and the importance of providing shelter for birds.

Winter composting: Teach kids about composting and how to create compost piles, even in the winter.

These activities provide hands-on opportunities for kids to learn about nature and wildlife, and also help to foster a lifelong appreciation for the environment.

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