There’s an old adage that says “We cannot protect what we do not love.” My goal is to teach others to love wildlife so that they will work to protect it. Since children are our best hope for sending this love of nature into the future, I especially love to spend time with the children in my neighborhood, teaching them about the nature in my wildlife garden.

I have one five year old neighbor who cries every fall when she sees those paper bags full of leaves lined up along the sidewalk because she knows that butterfly larva, salamanders, spiders, and many other kinds of wildlife make their homes in those leaves. So she helps me go around and collect those bags of leaves and we spread them out in our gardens and around the abandoned property on our block.

Teaching kids about nature is more important than ever! With so much technology and city life, it’s easy for kids to miss out on the magic of the natural world. But don’t worry, there’s an easy solution – wildlife gardens!

Wildlife gardens are the perfect way to bring kids and nature together. They can be any size, from a small container garden to a huge outdoor space, and they’re a fun, hands-on way for kids to learn.

One of the best parts of wildlife gardens is that they teach kids about the different species that live near them and what they need to survive. By planting native plants, kids can see for themselves the insects, birds, and other creatures that visit the garden and the important job they have in pollination and spreading seeds.

And let’s not forget, wildlife gardens give kids a sense of responsibility too. By planting and taking care of their own garden, kids can see the impact of their actions and learn why it’s important to protect wildlife and their habitats.

To make the most of your wildlife garden, get kids involved from the start. Have them pick the plants, create homes for different creatures, and set up bird feeders and nesting boxes. Encourage them to keep a journal, take photos, and make observations about the wildlife they see.

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