It was a massacre.

The neighborhood watched in horror as a butcher with a chain saw started hacking down the 150 year old trees with no safety ropes and no turf protectors in the most dangerous way possible.

Giant tree limbs were allowed to freefall on our houses, in our gardens, and on our cable and electric wires with a stunning lack of concern for any of our property.

The days following our introduction to the dangerous tree removal practices of Earl V. Ross of Goodman and Ross Trucking in Philadelphia were frightening to all of us, and the cable and electric companies were kept busy re-connecting the lines to our houses.

Did you catch that? The company that was doing such a scary job removing these trees was called Goodman and Ross Trucking. You certainly wouldn’t hire a plumber to perform open heart surgery, why would you hire a trucking company to take care of your trees?

The decision to cut down trees, including old trees, is usually made by considering a balance between environmental and economic factors, and the relevant laws and regulations. Cable and electric companies may be allowed to cut down old trees if it is deemed necessary for the maintenance and expansion of infrastructure, but there may also be regulations and guidelines in place to protect the environment and preserve natural habitats.

Regardless, the process should be handled with respect and care, and concern towards the ecosystems and residents!

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