I just love discovering businesses that are dedicated to making the earth a better place. And when I find one, I also love to spread the word so that folks will support these businesses and their earth-friendly missions.

Garden Dreams Urban Farm and Nursery is one of these businesses that shows us how to live lightly on the earth with earth-friendly sustainable practices while supporting your community. It’s a win-win all around.

Garden Dreams is owned by my friend Mindy Schwartz, who graciously invited us and our two dogs to stay at her home last weekend so that we could attend a family reunion. And her third floor balcony overlooks the growing enterprise that Garden Dreams represents.

Mindy has been purchasing abandoned lots and condemned houses that border her property to expand the farm. Some of these homes will be restored to create community centers, while others will be torn down to create more growing space. This is urban renewal at its finest.

Garden Dreams also supports 2 full-time farmers, Hannah Reiff (Production Manager) and Bob Madden (Outreach Manager), and through their efforts this urban enterprise is growing more every year.

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