If you’re like me, you’ve breathed a huge sigh of relief just because election season is over. This one almost felt like a physical assault with endless streams of people knocking at my door, and the phone never stopped ringing.

It’s my opinion that the old ways of running political campaigns aren’t working any more. I am saddened by the half ton of direct mail flyers that got delivered to my house alone. How many trees were cut down to produce all of these post cards that got placed unread into my recycling bin? How many billions of dollars were wasted on television commercials that no one watched? Personally, I recorded any tv show I wanted to watch so that I could fast forward through all of that negativity from both sides.

Our natural reaction is to say “Thank god THAT’S over” and go on with our business until next election season. But in reality, has anything been accomplished? We need to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions.

Some things that worry me…read more of After the Election, Our Work is Just Beginning at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens

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