When it comes to wildlife conservation, the Brits are often way ahead of us. But the good news is that we can learn from them and do our best to catch up.

In Gardeners must unite to save Britain’s wildlife, experts say there are some great tips for uniting with other gardeners in your neighborhood to create larger areas of habitat.

Yes, every action you take on behalf of wildlife in your own garden can make a big difference. But when you band together with your neighbors, you can create larger areas that help more.

Ecologists have long recognized that bigger is better. And this is especially true as urban environments encroach further and further into natural areas. When gardeners unite to create larger areas for wildlife, more animals can benefit, biodiversity increases, and you will get to observe many more species in your garden.

For example, if all of the gardeners around one block joined together and cooperatively planted some native trees and shrubs you will have created a much larger swath of habitat which will attract more birds, butterflies, and pollinators.

You can choose to adopt one endangered species such as a butterfly, and each of you plant its host plant and a wide variety of nectar plants, and thus create a large habitat where that species can thrive.

You may feel that your neighbors have no interest in helping these animals, but one way to start is to gift them with some of your plants as you divide them. I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled when someone gives me the gift of a plant. It feels like a gift from the heart. And I will gladly plant them.

You could become the ambassador for wildlife in your neighborhood by helping your neighbors to get started. Sometimes just a little bit of encouragement is all it takes to get someone excited about protecting the wildlife of your area.