EG Header 320 x 120Ecosystem Gardening--teaching you to garden sustainably, conserve natural resources, and create welcoming habitat for wildlife in your garden so that you will attract more birds, butterflies, pollinators, and other wildlife to your garden. Start by learning about the 5 Pillars of Ecosystem Gardening and then explore more Ecosystem Gardening topics

Ecosystem Gardening for Wildlife, by Carole Sevilla Brown


Carole Sevilla Brown travels around the country speaking to conferences and giving workshops on these topics and more:
*Ecosystem Gardening for Wildlife
*Landscaping for Wildlife
*Birdscaping Your Garden
*How to Create a Butterfly Garden
*Native Plants for Wildlife
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The Wildlife Garden Academy
An online school bringing expert education by well-known authors and teachers.
Topics include:
*Ecosystem Gardening for Wildlife
*Native Plants for Wildlife
*Pollinators and Native Plants
*Attracting Birds to your Wildlife Garden
*Butterflies in the Wildlife Garden


In addition to Ecosystem Gardening, Carole Sevilla Brown manages these websites:
Beautiful Wildlife Garden

Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens

Finding Native Plants

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Most Recent

Mallard and Canada Goose

I really like to begin each new year the way I want the rest of the year to happen. So I always make sure I have cash in my pockets, make my wildlife garden resolutions (plans for what I want to add this year), and head outdoors to welcome the start of the New Year in nature. This year we packed up our Plott Hounds and headed to our favorite local nature patch, the John Heinz National Wildlife … [Read More...]

Ecosystem Gardening

Sparrow Song sm

Late Summer Birds At An Urban Oasis

Birds of late summer at the urban oasis of John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge near the Philadelphia, PA airport 6:30 am alarm clock on a drizzly Sunday morning. Sounds like a great reason to stay in bed, snug as a bug under the covers. But this morning I have a wonderful reason to drag my … [Read More...]


What Plants Attract the Most Wildlife?

As I travel around the country speaking at conferences about Ecosystem Gardening for Wildlife, the question I get asked most frequently is "What should I plant?" The easy answer is that you should add lots of locally native plants to your wildlife garden because over thousands of years wildlife … [Read More...]

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Native Plants

Bishop's Weed swallowing up my front garden

Kill The Bishops Weed

The Agony of Bishop's Weed I've been doing battle for 14 years now with an invasive insidious persistent thug called Bishop's Weed, also known as Goutweed or Snow On The Mountain (Aegopodium podagraria). Every year I swear I'm going to get the Bishop's Weed all pulled out in early spring, and … [Read More...]

Pine Cone Clover sm

Loblolly Pine Wildlife Value

Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) is a native tree of the southeastern United States. Often growing in wet woodlands, Loblolly Pine provides great habitat and value for wildlife. The native range of Pinus taeda covers eastern Texas to northern Florida, and all of the southern coastal states up to … [Read More...]

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Wildlife Garden

Brown Thrasher long sm

Look Closer

Slow down. Look carefully. You may be missing out on a lot of wildlife in your garden! When I travel around the country speaking at conferences about Ecosystem Gardening for wildlife, I teach people that the best garden tool is a lawn chair. Take the time to look closely and observe what is … [Read More...]

White Blue Wood Aster Seeds

Seed Bombing My Wildlife Garden

Collecting seeds from native plants in one area of my wildlife garden to spread throughout other areas of the garden. This year I had an abundance of several species of wood asters growing happily in my front garden. I had the White Wood Aster (Eurybia divaricata, formerly Aster divaricatus), and … [Read More...]

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Bird Gardening

Wigeon Wings sm

River Health and Your Ecosystem Garden

A birding adventure at the Cambridge Waterfront of the Choptank River on the eastern shore of Maryland to see the wintering ducks. You can tell a lot about the health of a river, lake, or ocean by the presence or absence of birds and other wildlife. If the river is healthy, you'll see lots of … [Read More...]

Jay Scrub 2-watermark

Birding Festivals Through the Year

If you want to learn more about the birds in your wildlife garden, one of the best things you can do is to attend birding festivals near you to learn more about birds in their natural habitats. One of the big things on my bucket list is to travel around the country going from birding festival to … [Read More...]

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Butterfly Garden

Moisset Monarch

Restoring the Monarch Butterfly

The Monarch Butterfly has been much in the news lately as we receive the devastating news that the current wintering population in Mexico is at all time low. There are many reasons for this decline in Monarch Butterflies: Current agricultural practice Genetically modified crops Pesticide … [Read More...]

Monarch Butterfly

Saving the Monarch Butterfly

The Monarch Butterfly is in deep trouble, and many passionate organizations have been created to save this single species. But a focus on protecting habitat instead of concentrating on a single species will provide lasting benefits for all species of wildlife and the native plant communities that … [Read More...]

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Pollinator Garden

Bees on Daisies sm

How to Attract More Pollinators

Want to attract more pollinators to your wildlife garden? I recently reviewed Heather Holm’s new book Pollinators of Native Plants, where I asked readers to leave comments telling us what they were doing for pollinators in their gardens (We had 2 copies of this book to give away to randomly … [Read More...]

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Speaking Gigs

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