Welcome to part 3 of my Earth Week web tour. I’m making a list of simple things we can all do in our gardens to Give a Little Back to Wildlife.

Part One appeared at Beautiful Wildlife Garden and talked about creating a wildlife pond, building a brush pile, attracting pollinators, and adding host plants for butterfly caterpillars.

Part Two recommends planting a Monarch Waystation, creating a rain garden, installing a green roof, and adding water features for wildlife.

And we’ll wrap up here at home. Doing any of these activities with your children or grandchildren is a wonderful way to leave the computer inside, go and play outdoors, and teach kids about the wonders and beauty of nature right in your own backyard.

Add More Native Plants to Your Wildlife Garden. Native plants support local food webs and attract more wildlife to your garden. I’ve created some resources to help you choose the best plants, The Top 10 Woody Plants to Attract Wildlife, and the Top 10 Perennial Plants to Attract Wildlife

Plant a Wildlife Meadow. A wildlife meadow is a great way to reduce your lawn, which will help the environment by using less fossil fuels. And meadows are fantastic wildlife habitat elements for your garden.

Remove Invasive Plants. Many of these plants were introduced for sale by the horticultural and landscaping industry to satisfy a seemingly insatiable desire to have the most exotic plants in our own gardens. These plants have escaped cultivation and are now destroying native ecosystems because they outcompete native plants and provide no benefits to native wildlife.

When we make wildlife a priority in our gardens and adopt an attitude of Giving a Little Back to Wildlife, we make the world a better place for our kids, our wildlife friends, and ourselves.

So turn off the TV, grab your kids and go play outdoors!

What are you doing to Give a Little Back to Wildlife?