I am in the process of ripping my whole wildlife garden out so that I can start over again because invasive plants have taken over and it’s easier to just start from a blank slate to clear away these invasive thugs. Last year was a difficult year and I was away for several months at a time, and during this time my wildlife garden was sadly neglected, allowing these invasive plants to gain an unrelenting foothold in my garden.

You may need to start over for any number of reasons:

  • A fallen tree turns a formerly shaded site into a spot that now gets full sun
  • Construction and repairs to your home
  • Neglect
  • You’re new to the concept of wildlife gardening and are eager to create welcoming habitat for wildlife in your garden

When faced with one of these opportunities, it’s important to make a plan before you start. Making a plan will ultimately save you a lot of time and even money as you ensure that you’re choosing the best plants for wildlife and placing them in the right place for the conditions in your garden

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