Another example of the adaptibility of birds in finding ways to meet their needs in a human-dominated environment. This cactus wren outside Tuscon, Arizona has discovered a very smart way to get a drink and cool off.

Meanwhile, back in Philadelphia, (which is hot enough to feel like Arizona today) the temperature was 97 degrees in the shade with 100% humidity, which kind of feels like trying to breathe in a swimming pool.

I was lethargic, the dogs were lethargic, and so even were the hummingbirds, which normally spend a large part of the afternoon fighting over control of the feeders. It was hard to move, hard to even think.

About 8pm the sky suddenly turned black and a huge thunderstorm broke with violent wind. Trees dropped their branches all around us, but just as soon as it had swept in, it was gone. And with it the horrible heat, leaving a cooling breeze in its wake.

One gift of today was that the Goldfinches have returned from their nesting activities and are now greedily sucking down the seeds from the native sunflowers (Helianthus). They always disappear from the garden when they nest, and I am so excited when they retur

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