Ecosystem Gardening “How To…”

These are projects to make your Ecosystem Garden more welcoming to wildlife. Follow these steps to create an oasis for wildlife and yourself in your garden.

How to Install a Green Roof–how they save you money in heating and cooling, how they help with stormwater run-off, and how they help wildlife.

How to Install a Rain Garden–filter stormwater, save streams from pollution, and create wildlife habitat.

How to Certify your Ecosystem Garden for Wildlife–certify your Monarch Way Station, Butterfly Garden, and wildlife habitat garden and support wildlife conservation organizations.

How to Build a Brush Pile–create shelter and cover for wildlife and observe a whole new ecosystem.

How to Install a Dragonfly and Wildlife Pond–wildlife ponds are and endless source of entertainment in your Ecosystem Garden, used by dragonflies, frogs, toads, birds and more.

How to Find Which Birds Migrate Through Your Garden–knowing which birds to expect can be a big help in planning your Ecosystem Garden to meet their needs.

How to Create Rest Stops for Migratory Birds–many birds migrate hundreds or thousands of miles every spring and again in the fall. Your garden can be a welcoming rest stop on their journey.

How your Garden Contributes to Healthy Ecosystems–we are dependent on many ecosystem services, like clean air and water, oxygen production, pollination, and more that we can help protect and restore in our Ecosystem Gardens.

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