For months now I’ve been eagerly planning my 20th anniversary celebration trip to see the birds (and their habitats) of Trinidad and Tobago, a small island country (2 islands actually) off the coast of Venezuala.

So, imagine my surprise to find out that I’ve been invited to participate in a birding FAM trip to Guatemala! (A FAM trip is a “familiarization” tour sponsored by the tourist bureau to show writers, birders, and naturalists the beauty and wonder of this country so that we’ll inspire others to visit).

This trip is sponsored by INGUAT and will showcase the beautiful birds and their habitats of the many ecosystems in Guatemala, and will be led by some of the best birders in this small Central American country.

It also includes a visit to Tikal, a world heritage site because of its archaeological and bio/ecological interest.

Ironically, I’ll leave for this trip one week after I return from Trinidad and Tobago. Not much time to learn about these additional habitats and their amazing resident birds, but I’ll do my best to do as much research as I can before I get there…..find out more about my trip to see the Birds and Wildlife Gardens of Guatemala at Beautiful Wildlife Garden.

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