Imagine if Doing Just One Thing Could Really Make a Difference for Wildlife

I know this sounds hokey, but it’s true. We could make a huge difference for our local wildlife if each of us chose just one item to do in our wildlife garden. Really.

You don’t have to redesign the landscape of your entire property. You don’t have to rip out your entire lawn (although parting with some would be a great improvement for wildlife right there).

You don’t have to become a native plant purist. You just have to choose one helpful task and do it. If we each did just that much, struggling wildlife populations would have a better chance.

What is the one thing You can do in Your Wildlife Garden?

There are many to choose from. Your one thing will depend on many factors, but the important thing is to just pick one. Here are some suggestions:

  • Plant a patch of milkweed and help a Monarch Butterfly on its amazing round-trip journey to Mexico and back.
  • A native cedar, viburnum, or holly can help a flock of Cedar Waxwings survive another cold winters night
  • A caterpillar host plant will ensure the next generation of butterflies
  • Add more native plants to attract native bees to your garden
  • Install a raingarden and give a home to a family of toads
  • Some cardinal flower, trumpet honeysuckle, and monarda will delight you with a season of hummingbirds
  • Plant lots of native nectar flowers for Monarchs and Other Butterflies
  • Replace just 10% of your lawn with a patch of native wildflowers and help protect native pollinators
  • Create a butterfly garden
  • Start to Birdscape Your Garden
  • A garden pond will provide endless delight with dazzling dragonflies, singing frogs, bathing birds and more
  • Fill that empty space in your garden bed with a native plant for wildlife
  • Make your garden an oasis for birds

The point is, there are many things each of us can do, but if each of us did just one thing in our wildlife gardens, can you imagine the difference we could make when we all work together?

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