As a gardener, visiting other gardens is a great way to get inspiration and ideas for your own garden. This is no different for Ecosystem Gardening, and we are gathering together private tours through Ecosystem Gardens throughout the country to use as examples and inspiration for you as you create welcoming habitat for wildlife in your garden.

You may want to bookmark this page because I’ll be adding to it regularly. And we would love to visit YOUR Ecosystem Garden, so gather your photos together and tell us the story of your garden for wildlife. I would love to visit gardens from all around the country and see what you have done to give a little back to wildlife.

We begin in Cape May Courthouse in New Jersey at the Ecosystem Garden of Pat Sutton, a passionate advocate and educator of creating habitat gardens for wildlife.

Ro Wilson, of Cape May, NJ, has spent many years trying to create habitat in an area that is well known for destroying habitat for development. A visit to her garden is a delight to the senses because it is filled with Ro’s ceramic art and a swirl of color from the many butterflies and birds who call this garden home.

Helen Yoest, of Raleigh, NC, is a garden writer, designer, and coach. Helen’s Haven is a remarkable garden filled with butterflies, birds, and even box turtles.

Irma McVey, of Cape May, NJ, spent many years growing herbs for local restaurants and has now devoted her garden completely to creating habitat for wildlife, especially butterflies. With a beautiful pond and many native plantings, Irma’s garden is a wonderful inspiration.

Cindy Brown Ahern is one of the most enthusiastic Ecosystem Gardeners I know. To tour her garden is to be filled with a childlike sense of wonder and awe, where every step provides a new area of surprise and discovery. Cindy’s garden is in Huntingdon Valley, PA.

Evelyn Lovitz is an avid birder and passionate Ecosystem Gardener, especially for hummingbirds and butterflies. Every year she shaves off another patch of lawn and creates a new garden bed for wildlife. Evelyn gardens in Cape May, NJ.

Ellen Sousa’s Ecosystem Garden is in Spencer, MA, where she is creating wildlife habitat at her farm by removing invasive plants and planting more natives. The first photo of the barn will make you want to move right in, but don’t stop at the barn, there are many more treats awaiting you.

Teresa Knipper shares her garden with wildlife in Cape May, NJ. Her property is located on the beach, so she deals with some really harsh conditions, namely wind and salt. That has not deterred this Master Gardener, and her garden is simply gorgeous, and filled with flittering butterflies.

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