Well, I was asked for this photo so here it is, an American Goldfinch female eating seeds of Helianthus, native sunflowers.

Today was one of those days when I found myself enormously grateful for the rain that finally cooled off the unrelenting sticky heat. Temperature in high 90s and humidity in high 80s or 90s all week now. The kind of heat that has you all sweaty as soon as you get out of the shower. Almost makes me feel like what was the point of the shower.

I have at least 3 hummingbirds in the garden right now. One is a juvenile male who is just beginning to get his lovely red gorget. He’s overflowing with testosterone and thinks that he owns all of the feeders, so he rushes around and dive-bombs any other hummer trying to get to a feeder. He can’t possible protect all of them, but boy does he ever try! This show is much better than TV.

There seems to be a new hatch of Summer Azures. These are teeny blue butterflies about the size of your thumbnail. But they are all over my Eupatorium purpureum (Joe Pye Weed). They are so tiny you have to watch closely to spot them, but they are simply gorgeous!

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