Traditional gardening protocol tells us that autumn is the time to “clean up” your garden. But Ecosystem Gardening is a new kind of gardening for a new kind of gardener, and many of the chores you’ve been taught must be done in fall may actually harm the wildlife you’ve worked so hard to attract to your garden.

We’ve been taught to rake up every leaf, cut back every plant, and make our gardens tidy and pristine so that not one thing is messy or out of place. But this sterile environment really does nothing to help the birds, bees, butterflies or other wildlife who make their homes in our gardens, and may in fact even lead to their death.

Since Ecosystem Gardening is all about creating welcoming habitat for wildlife in our gardens, I took a look at how to preserve wildlife habitat when cleaning up the wildlife garden in the autumn in this article called Fall Clean Up in Your Wildlife Garden, at Beautiful Wildlife Garden.

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Ecosystem Gardening
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