I’ve been observing a special visitor to my wildlife garden lately, one that my two Plott Hounds get especially excited about–the raccoons that have taken up residence in the abandoned house next to my property. My Plott hounds are quite adept at helping me spot birds in the wildlife garden, but these raccoons are just too much stimulation, since they were bred to help raccoon hunters by getting the raccoons stuck up in a tree.

I’m in the process of re-designing my entire wildlife garden, having ripped out the whole shebang last summer because too many invasive plants have taken over. And I’ve been observing the raccoons coming to visit my wildlife pond to drink almost every evening.

Sometimes they do come out in the daytime for a nice nap in the sun, as this one did just last week for several hours, much to the consternation of my Plott Hounds….see the photos and read the rest of my tale of Raccoons in My Wildlife Garden at Beautiful Wildlife Garden.

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