Want to learn how to have more wildlife in your garden?

Love watching beautiful butterflies floating throughout your garden?

Want to attract more birds to come and share your space with you?

I’ve created a free course for you that will cover the Ecosystem Gardening Essentials.

We’re going to start with 15 lessons covering the basics of sustainable gardening, conserving natural resources, and creating welcoming habitat for wildlife in your garden so that you will attract more birds, butterflies, pollinators, frogs and toads, dragonflies, and other wildlife.

Every week you’ll get an email containing a new lesson, and I’m excited to have you join in.

We’ll start out by answering the question “What the heck is Ecosystem Gardening?”

And then we’ll move on to the Five Pillars of Ecosystem Gardening:

Sustainable Gardening
Water Conservation
Soil Health
Remove Invasive Plants
Plant More Native Plants
From there we’ll move through the 4 Essential Elements of a Wildlife Garden

Plant Food for Wildlife
Add water
Provide shelter by choosing the right plants
Create safe space for wildlife to raise their young
And then we’ll wrap up with these exciting topics:

Birdscaping Your Garden
Creating a Butterfly Garden
Attracting Native Pollinators
Planting a wildflower meadow for wildlife
Installing a wildlife pond
Making a rain garden
Welcoming bats to your wildlife garden

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