Reports of Snowy Owl sightings are being recorded all over the US, making this winter one of the biggest Snowy Owl irruption years in recent memory.

An irruption is a dramatic increase in bird populations in places where they aren’t usually recorded. Bird irruptions are often related to lack of food in their normal range.

Snowy Owls (Bubo scandiacus) are birds of the arctic tundra, and they feed mainly on lemmings. When the supply of lemmings isn’t sufficient to meet the nutritional needs of these owls, they move south in search of food.

The Snowy Owls are so abundant this year that even non-birders are taking notice of these large beautiful birds.

As much as you’d like to get a great close-up view of a Snowy Owl, it’s very important to keep a few things in mind.

First, these owls are showing up in unusual places because of a lack of food in their tundra home. Many are starving and desperate to eat. When you get too close, you are stressing them and keeping them from feeding. Please don’t get too close to them!

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 by andrew pugh
Snowy owl myth

I read small write up about snowy owl irruption written 06 dec 2020 here

It says that the owls are showing up due to lack of food.
Please stop spreading this myth! it is untrue.