Did you know that there are already some nesting birds and birds sitting on eggs here in the northeast?

Amazing, but true. It’s barely spring and some areas in the northeast still have snow on the ground but some nesting birds have already begun their work.

Bald Eagles build their nests in mid-February and are already sitting on eggs. We are all very excited that the Eagles have chosen to nest for the second year in a row at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in the shadow of the Philadelphia airport near my home.

This wildlife refuge is right in the path of planes taking off from the airport so it was huge news in my area last year when the Bald Eagles successfully nested here last year for the first time ever.

Also be on the lookout for Great Horned Owl nests. They actually built their nests in late January and the fledglings should be taking their first flight quite soon. Although these nests are quite large, they are skillfully hidden high in the trees. When you get to spot those adorable white fluffy heads poking up above the nest, it’s an amazing sight.

Barred Owls started nesting early this month. I’ve had the great pleasure of having a pair of these owls spend the winter in and around my wildlife garden for the past 10 years. I just love spending winter evenings standing on my deck and listening to them calling back and forth.

The Eastern Screech Owls have just started building their nests and laying eggs. The fledglings should be taking their first flights in the beginning of May. You may still have time to entice these birds to nest in your wildlife garden by hanging a nest box just for them.

American Woodcock are filling the dusk sky with their amazing mating flights. Check with your local nature center because many offer evening Woodcock Walks where you’ll get to see this amazing display.

Nesting birds are one of the greatest joys of creating a wildlife garden for me. I am truly amazed at this miracle of life every year.

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