We’ve been talking a lot about invasive plants due to a recent rash of research proclaiming that invasive plants are actually beneficial.

This has given nurseries the idea that they can continue selling these plants with no responsibility for any damage to natural ecosystems because “the scientists gave them permission.”

Some nurseries have even taken this a step further and are gleefully saying “See, Doug Tallamy was wrong about that whole native plant business.”

Doug Tallamy’s name gets brought up because he is the author of the landmark book, Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens.

Bringing Nature Home by Doug Tallamy is a compelling and informative read that explores the impact of human development on the environment and the role that each of us can play in preserving biodiversity. The author argues that the widespread loss of natural habitats has resulted in a decline in the number of insects and other species, which in turn has significant implications for the health of our ecosystems.

Tallamy highlights the importance of planting native species in our gardens and landscapes, as they provide vital food and habitat for a wide range of wildlife. He also provides practical tips for creating a wildlife-friendly garden and provides a comprehensive list of native plants for different regions of the United States.

One of the key messages of the book is that every action we take in our own backyards can make a positive impact on the environment. By choosing to plant native species, we can help to support local wildlife and contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

Since these nurseries are specifically calling out Doug Tallamy, I thought I’d give him the opportunity to share his thoughts about this research and what we can all do to help make positive changes in our own environments in an interview.

You’ll hear his views on the short-sightedness and limited scope of these studies touting the benefits of these plants.

He talks about the ecosystem services and elements that are missing from areas covered with these invasives and the negative impacts to wildlife because of these plants.

Tallamy says that we can’t win if we do nothing. I, for one, an not willing to say that there’s no use in even trying to restore full function to our ecosystems. I remain hopeful that many more of us will begin to take responsibility for our actions and work to protect our wildlife and natural areas.

He’s also got some great ideas about how to get the word out more quickly and help educate more people about the damage to wildlife and natural ecosystems caused by these plants.

So many of you have weighed in on this discussion about the so-called benefits of invasive plants and I really want to thank you for your contributions!

What are your thoughts about the things that Doug Tallamy had to share about the so-called benefits of invasive plants?

Make sure you listen to my interview with Doug Tallamy about how Native Plants Support Local Food Webs and Wildlife.

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