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Garden Wagon You’ve seen my weekly best of the web where I show you the many fascinating things I find around the internet. But I wanted to put a lot of that information in one place so that you can see the writers that inspire me.

So here’s my list of some of my favorite bloggers. Check them out and see if you don’t agree. Favorite Bloggers (in no particular order) [Note: if you want the link to open in a new tab/window, right click the link and choose that option]:

  • Karyl at Native Wildlife Gardening does an amazing job of describing the native plants and wildlife in her garden. Her love of wildlife shines through every post. Twitter: @habitatgarden
  • Carol Duke at Flower Hill Farm is a wonderful photographer, and writes beautiful, poetic posts about her garden, the critters, sunrises, and colors. Every post if filled with stunning photos and lyric prose.
  • Risa Edelstein of Garden and the Good Life is a landscape designer with a passion for sustainable, ecologically balanced landscapes, native plants, and wildlife in the garden. Twitter: @gardengoodlife
  • Kathy Green writes at Gardening For Nature. Her wildlife includes birds and butterflies, but also coyote, deer, foxes, and even black bear and mountain lions. Follow @gardenfornature
  • Ellen Sousa is familiar to many of you because her garden was featured in our weekly showcase. She blogs at New England Habitat Gardening THB Farm and as you can see from her showcase, her garden is gorgeous. She’s working very hard on finishing her book right now, but I’m eager to hear from her again soon. Twitter: @THBFarm
  • Native Plant Girl is an amazing blog filled with useful information about native gardening, ecosystem restoration, invasive plant management, and land stewardship. Plus her sidebars contain a treasure trove of cool resources.
  • Rosemary at Toronto Gardening All Year Round is  passionate about native plants and the removal of invasive plants, plus creating wildlife habitat. She’s got some very interesting articles to browse through.
  • Michelle Clay is also familiar to readers here, who especially loved the wildlife garden she created for her son Gabe. She writes at The Clueless Gardeners and explores many different subjects including habitat gardening, native plants, invasive plants and wildlife. She’s not afraid to take a careful look at both sides of an issue, which I respect a lot.
  • Alison Kerr writes Loving Nature’s Garden, where she discusses many green issues including gardening, native plants, wildlife, getting kids outside, and greening our lives. @alisonkerr
  • Scott Artis, of JournOwl, is a wildlife biologist with a passion for owls, especially a very threatened population of burrowing owls near his home. Read this sad story of wildlife vs. developers at his blog. Twitter: @journowl
  • Lisa Gustavson at Get in the Garden is doing some amazing things. Like growing amazing amounts of vegetables year round inside her house, and sowing her perennials outside now, in the cold of winter. She’s passionate and fun and worth a read. Twitter @getinthegarden
  • Susan Harris of Sustainable and Urban Gardening is on a mission to see just how many blogs one person can manage. She is also one of the Garden Rant women and has several others going as well, including being one of the founders of  I don’t know how she does it, but I think she’s amazing. @GardenerSusan
  • Rachel Mathews has an eye for design. She’s bringing that passion to Successful Garden Design and teaching us all how to make the best design decisions in our gardens. Twitter: @Successfulgardn
  • Wendy Gabriel writes at My Green Side where she delves into environmental and green issues. She’s got a wonderful ongoing series called “Four Questions” where she interviews many green writers. I’m honored to have been featured there. Twitter: @MyGreenSide
  • Robin Shreeves is the author of A Little Greener Every Day where she serves up a string of little green tips that are easy to implement. I’m all for easy, and if we each did a bunch of these little things, they would add up to a great thing for the environment. We each have a part to play and must do our share. Robin is also the Sustainable Food writer for Mother Nature Network. Twitter @rshreeves
  • Melissa Hincha-Ownby authors Raising them Green, where she’s all about raising eco-conscious children. She’s celebrating her first blogiversary so stop by and congratulate her. She’s also the Green Business writer at Mother Nature Network. Twitter: @MommyMellie
  • Bethe Almeras writes The Grass Stain Guru where she’s a fierce advocate for overcoming nature deficit disorder by getting kids to play outdoors. She’s full of fun activities to get your kids having fun in nature. @balmeras
  • Marghanita Hughes is the author of the children’s book series and blog Little Humbugs. Make sure you click the “my work” tab to check out the characters from these books. They are adorable! She blogs about kids and nature and always has beautiful photos to show. Twitter: @littlehumbugs
  • Seasonal Wisdom, written by Teresa O’Connor, is filled with sustainable gardening tips and seasonal lore. For instance, did you know that the holiday song, “Here we come a wassailing” refers to a drink for good health? I did not. Teresa is currently working on her book Grocery Gardening, and I can’t wait to read it. Follow @SeasonalWisdom
  • Mike Lieberman is a funny guy. He grows vegetable on his balcony and he’s trying to save the planet but he just makes it fun. Gardening should definitely be fun. Maybe saving the planet can be too. Follow @CanarsieBK
  • Therapeutic Landscapes Network is written by Naomi Sachs. She’s passionate about healing gardens, restorative landscapes, and green spaces that promote health and well-being.  Follow: @healinggarden

These are some  wonderful writers who’d be pleased to have your support. Go check them out and let me know what you think. And thanks to Darren Rowse of Problogger who insired this post.

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Carole Sevilla Brown is a Conservation Biologist who firmly believes that wildlife conservation begins in your own back yard. Carole is an author, educator, speaker, and passionate birder, butterfly watcher,  and naturalist who travels around the country teaching people to garden sustainably, conserve natural resources, and create welcoming habitat for wildlife so that you will attract more birds, butterflies, pollinators and other wildlife. She gardens for wildlife in Philadelphia, zone 6b, and created the philosophy of Ecosystem Gardening. Watch for her book Ecosystem Gardening, due out soon. Carole is managing editor of  Beautiful Wildlife Garden, and also  Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens. Follow Carole on Facebook and also @CB4wildlife and on Google+


  1. Carole, I’m honored to be including in this awesome list of bloggers. Thank you!
    .-= Wendy´s last post ..Green Tip – Green Valentines Day =-.

  2. What a great list for anyone interested in gardening and greening for the benefit of the planet. Thanks so much for including my work. If only I had enough time to read all of the above…
    .-= Alison Kerr´s last post ..Spring Vegetables for Beginners =-.

  3. Hey Carole,

    Thanks a million for including me in this list of awesome garden bloggers! They have such great information about gardening to help Mother Nature, and beautiful pictures on their blogs. Kathy

    BTW I am on Twitter @gardenfornature
    .-= Kathy Green´s last post ..Can Gardening Neutralize our Technology Crazed Carbon Buzz? =-.

  4. Carole, You’re awfully sweet to include me on this list. Many of my favorites are included, and I’m looking forward to exploring the others too. I’ll also share it on my Facebook page. It’s a great resource for green-oriented gardening blogs. Cheers! Teresa

  5. Thanks Carole. You stay so abreast of these resources. I often find myself going to your site to see what’s up, what I need to be keeping up with, and to learn of other writers helping to spread the good word of gardening and wildlife. Thanks Carole, H.
    .-= Helen Yoest´s last post ..Garden Bloggers Buffa10 – Will I see you there? =-.

  6. Anna Flowergardengirl™ says:

    Wonderful list of highly respected gardeners. Helen at Gardening With Confidence is just down the road from me in good old NC. I appreciate any attention being brought to good garden practices–so my very best wishes to you and all the bloggers represented here.

  7. Thank you so much Carole for including me…I cannot wait to have some time to go through some of the others that are not familiar to me. I will be surfacing soon, still have another couple of weeks of writing madness ahead!
    take care
    .-= Ellen Sousa´s last post ..Guest Posting at =-.

  8. Rachel Mathews says:

    Thanks from me too Carole! Honoured to be included on the list ;o)

    There are lots of blogs on the list I don’t know, so I look forward to reading them ;o)

  9. Again I say, “THANK YOU”! It is an incredible list to be part of. I look forward to reading and learning more. Congratulations to all!
    .-= Lisa Gustavson´s last post ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  10. Carole, I’m so honored to be including in your awesome list of bloggers. It’s really generous of you spending time to put this together. Made my day! Warmest wishes, my nature friend.
    .-= Marghanita Hughes´s last post ..Butterfly Girl 2010 Winter Olympics Competition =-.

  11. Thank you for mentioning me, I’m flattered. I also subscribe to several blogs that I didn’t know about so thanks for the quality list as well!
    .-= Karyl´s last post ..Ilex verticillata Winterberry Holly Native Plant for Bird Gardens =-.

  12. Helen Yoest @ Gardening With Confidence™ says:

    Hey Carole, Gardening With Confidence ™ garden blog has moved to a new location. In doing so, I will have the ability to do more fun things I changed the design while I was at it to keep the same look as my website Please make note of my new location and update your blogroll (if you please.) H.

    • Thanks for reminding me Helen, I’ve changed the blogroll link, your garden showcase link, and the Favorite Ecosystem Gardener link. I know there’s more, but I’ll change them as I find them. Your new blog looks beautiful!

  13. Gee… I thought I had left a comment here … maybe it got lost in the transformation. I will say again how humbled and thankful I am for your listing me here. It truly is an honor! ;>) Carol
    .-= Carolflowerhill´s last blog ..Inhale Winter Exhale Spring Looking Upon a Similar Scene =-.

  14. I’m on the late show Carole, but I wanted to say thanks for including me on your list. I am truly honored. I do so very much enjoy your blog and following your tweets. Lately I have found myself so wrapped up in the owl situation that I’ve fallen behind…and neglected paying my car registration (oops!).

    But thanks for all your support in spreading the word as I/we need the help. The fight will continue for statewide protections!


    .-= Scott´s last blog ..Calling on Attorney General to Investigate Lack of Owl Conservation =-.

    • Carole Brown says:

      Scott, I continue to hold out hope that you will find some way to protect “your’ owls. You’ve been fighting the good fight for a long time, I know, and I’m hoping that you will find a supportive ear!


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